Ramming-Leupold, Gisela: Armenia – Land Around Ararat

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Gisela Ramming-Leupold
Armenia – Land Around Ararat
History, Religion and Tradition

280 S., geb., 205 x 230 mm, zahlr. Farbabb.
(280 pp., Hardcover, 205 x 230 mm, with color ill.)
ISBN 978-3-95462-687-8

Erschienen: April 2016


Later, as I began to polish up my notes and to dig a little deeper, I became increasingly intrigued by it all: I found background knowledge in old books, some of them very old, in university libraries across Germany. As my interest grew, I got to know native Armenians who answered my thousands of questions, and let me in on secrets, telling me about their traditions and customs. I began to think about a book of my own.

The author

Gisela Ramming-Leupold was born in 1943. She studied business management and helped to run her father’s wholesale business. Looking after her family, she saw this time as an ongoing creative pause for pursuing her own studies and attended lectures in theology at the University of Bayreuth.
She travelled, preferably in the East, and published her first books. In 2001 she discovered Armenia and began 10 years of research and further travel. She also visited areas with significant Armenian populations, such as Istanbul, Eastern Anatolia, Lebanon and Iran.